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She looks like the girl next door, only the one who would influence your older sister to smoke a cigarette under the bleachers in Jr high. She’s great at what she does: an emergency room nurse as she is kind, caring and professional. However, as her name might suggest, there is always a chance to win big or lose all with her. Vegas is unselfish to a fault; often willingly allowing herself to be taken advantage of in order to garner love and attention. She’s addicted to volatile relationships which makes herself and Eric a match made in hell. The two have dated on and off since high school. She’s a man-fixer and determined to change Eric’s bad-boy ways which was the initial attraction, but has now worn thin. However, it’s high school all over again as Eric is now involved in a more lucrative crime world and needs Vegas’s love and help at every wrong turn. Her resentment for Eric’s ways are overshadowed by her caring nature. She loves him and wants to help anyway she can; even if that means corrupting herself for him.
Actor Type: Julia Garner, Emma Stone, Rooney Mara
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