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As his name might suggest, Jinx is bad news and bad luck. Think El Chapo meets The Joker. Once known as Javier Felipe Castillo, Jinx is one of the most wanted drug lords in Mexico. He’s run the infamous Castillo Cartel in Mexico for over 30 years and is still out to murder his brother Felix at all costs and maintain dominant power of the drug trade in Mexico. He is a true schizophrenic psychopath. His madness started at an early age in Mexico possibly due to a condition called toxoplasmosis. He has steadily become more violent and bizarre as time has progressed. He takes on the name Jinx (Spanish: Gafe) from a weird cat obsession he had in his early stages of schizophrenia.
Actor Type: Javier Bardem, Jordi Mollà, Benicio del Toro
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