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During the late 1970s, a controversial program sponsored by the US government sprayed the deadly and effective herbicides Paraquat and 2,4-D on cannabis fields in Mexico. Following Mexican efforts to eradicate marijuana and poppy fields in 1975, the US State Department gifted helicopters and herbicides to Mexico. 
​At that time, with so few trained helicopter pilots in Mexico, the United States advisers suggested an American‐based company of pilots, many of them Vietnam veterans, to fly the copters for the first few campaigns. In one of the ironies of this program, an American pilot is reported to have smoked prime Oaxacan marijuana in the chopper as he and his Mexican associates eradicated the marijuana fields below.
After being contracted by the DEA to spray the herbicide Paraquat on cannabis fields in Mexico, Pilot Greg Ryan is shot down by the Castillo Cartel and taken prisoner. During this time, a civil war between two sons of a major cartel leader drives each brother to kill the other in order to seize their dying Father’s throne. Felix loses the battle to Jinx, but his life is saved by Greg Ryan as they both escape with the cartel’s finances in a plane. Felix discovers that Greg is something of an idiot savant, as he masterminds a way for them both to escape back into the United States with hordes of stolen cash. An unlikely friendship develops into a business partnership. Disgruntled with the DEA, Greg proclaims he can help Felix launder his money through California Agriculture; the number one producer in the United States.
Felix and Greg have bought up the Ag world in Southern California, turning stolen cartel money into legitimate assets. Greg continues his Aerial Spraying operation and his wife Debbie happily goes along with the plan and easy money. They start a family with their two sons Eric, and CJ. Felix meanwhile, is not fulfilled by Agriculture. He sees himself as a king without a castle, stripped of his due royalty. He invests his time trying to become a part of powerful circles amongst the Los Angeles elite. When he stumbles upon a secret society, he becomes enthralled. During his slow ascent into this new world, Felix learns of all kinds of strange and twisted desires members of the society have. One particular desire, claims that if fulfilled, would be worth a very large sum of money. Felix shares the story with Greg, who says he could easily pull it off. He does. Felix is paid and discovers a very unique opportunity to create a very unique business. He names it “THE PERCH”. Felix begins to host wild secret society parties for the likes of Silicon Valley, Famous Actors, Oil and Real Estate Tycoons etc. Greg becomes the Golden Goose of masterminding unique heists and other strange requests with a shady team of criminals provided by Felix. Greg enjoys each new challenge and he feels more alive than ever.
The Perch becomes infamous. Greg begins to have major problems with his team that must be dealt with. Felix starts a family. Greg and Debbie try and raise CJ and Eric in a moral household amidst the chaos. Felix runs into heat with FBI and problem clients within the Perch. Jinx discovers that Felix is still alive and murders his family, but Greg saves his life. Jinx escapes back to Mexico. Felix sentenced to prison for 15 years. Greg and Debbie agree to end their criminal endeavors for good after tying up all loose ends.
Felix returns. He’s survived prison and made new alliances on the inside. He has a new mysterious plan to which he will need to pull Greg out of criminal retirement and revive the infamous ​Perch​; as well as scale up infrastructure in the SoCal Agriculture business, and help launder money large sums of money. Greg tries to refuse Felix, but can’t out of fear for his family’s safety. CJ and Eric are grown up and begin to help Dad with Perch jobs out of necessity. The dysfunctional brothers can’t work together long and become at odds.
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