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A Story:​ Phase 2 of the drug trade route to Mexico goes into effect, building up the Mexico side of the fence agriculture business and front. Felix has gained the trust and alliance of the Carracito Cartel, but the money must keep flowing to continue on building the trade route and war machine against the Jinx Castillo Cartel; Perch jobs continue to accomplish this. Greg is forced to work with a couple of Felix’s Thugs to oversee and protect each Perch job that Greg and his boys execute. Eric decides last second not to kill CJ, but his actions still go too far. CJ doesn’t know who tried to kill him, but he highly suspects it was Eric. Their brotherhood rivalry continues and the death of Luke is still what drives Eric’s hatred. They are both paranoid of each other now. Vegas falls deeper into addiction and unravels Eric even more. Debbie is acting out of character, sneaking out at night and meeting with people. Greg is worried he’s pushed her too far away and that she’s seeking a different kind of exit strategy. Greg tries to uncover the secret she’s been hiding. Heat from law enforcement makes executing new Perch jobs all the more complicated. Felix takes CJ under his wing and grooms him for something bigger. The drug trade route to Mexico gets completed. Greg is released from his Perch contract, but now Felix needs something else from him. Greg refuses. Felix takes CJ down to Mexico to give him a promotion; and continue turning him against his own family. Jinx disrupts the Ag trade route.
B Story:​ Flashbacks to the original Perch jobs, seeing young Greg at his best, making due with poor circumstances & resources. He masterminds unique, complex heists and bizarre jobs. We meet an extremely colorful batch of original Perch clientele and how Felix caters to each unique personality. Greg works with a team of various criminals provided by Felix to help execute each new Perch job for twisted clients. Greg’s growing moral conscience, lack of emotional connection, and lack of charismatic leadership make him a burden to work with. Soon, Felix’s men helping Greg, want a bigger piece of the pie. Distrust builds with Greg and Felix after a job goes south and a horde of cash goes missing. Felix becomes paranoid that Greg is playing a bigger game and wants answers. A mutiny is building between Greg and Felix’s men with each new Perch job. Greg’s new mission becomes a whodunit search for a thief amongst thieves, whilst trying to balance protecting himself and family from harm and prison, and then coming home to try and be a normal Dad. Debbie tries to raise her boys up in a Christian household, but gets sucked into helping Greg perform Perch jobs and protecting her boys from violence. Jinx discovers that Felix is still alive after all these years.
The Ag business is turning into shambles and a hot bed for police/FBI heat. The Ryan family has to stay in a safe house until things cool down. Perch jobs are getting more and more aggressive and going against Felix’s old ways of maintaining a moral code, people are dying. Jinx shows up and corners Debbie in a room. Debbie’s pride and refusal to go any deeper gets her killed; she sacrifices herself against Greg’s wishes to protect the rest of the family. CJ blames both Greg and Eric for Debbie’s death and falls deeper into immorality working closely with Felix.
CJ’s hatred of Greg and Eric grows. Felix becomes CJ’s business partner and Father-figure. Vegas pushes Eric to his breaking point. CJ kills Vegas to protect Eric and hides her body. Eric thinks Vegas abandoned him and falls into a deep depression. Jinx and Felix go head to head in cartel warfare. Jinx kills Felix in an all out brotherhood battle. In the aftermath, Jinx assumes control of the drug trade route with CJ at the helm. Greg decides to go get CJ out of Mexico with a band of old Vietnam vets. Eric finds out that CJ killed Vegas; he doesn’t tell Greg. Eric convinces Dad to let him go on the mission down south to help get CJ back. Greg caves. For Greg it’s a rescue mission; for Eric it’s a murder mission.
Final showdown between Jinx VS Greg and Eric VS CJ. Greg attempts the ultimate sacrifice to bring his two sons back together.
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