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THE ANTI-HERO. Redneck Macgyver, Idiot Savant, Criminal Mastermind, Crop Duster, Emotionally Stunted, DAD. These are just a few ways to describe the protagonist of our series. Greg is a greasy old, out of shape, balding crop duster who’s reached the breaking point with his family as he’s made one too many wrong decisions in life to earn their love and respect. He’s never been a strong romantic husband that would sweep his wife off her feet, but instead embark on a loyal partnership together in business a la Bonnie and Clyde. He’s not a “Dad’s Dad”; never one to take his kids to a baseball game or teach them how to shave. Greg connects with his kids by teaching them mechanical things or how to be good con-artists. Either a monster of his own making, or just unlucky in life, Greg has lived a mysterious life of crime and gotten away with it. He’s not evil, just makes desperate decisions to please others. He’s a misunderstood creature that truly loves his family, yet still seems to always find trouble for them. His poker face is legendary as you never know what he’s really thinking... a man of few words, as he speaks through actions. He’ll always do the dirty job no-one wants to do and truly enjoys it. Greg’s greatest weakness is that he’s a true people pleaser; and can’t say no to a challenge. An unsuspecting rebel and daredevil at heart with an IQ of 176.
Actor Type: Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte, David Harbour, Sean Bean
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