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Youngest son of Greg and Debbie, brother to Eric. The Loner. That kid who always had something to prove, but hasn't yet. CJ has always sunk his heart and soul into everything he’s pursued, but it was usually careers that geared heavily towards delusions of grandeur in order to obtain love and fame. When he discovered motocross at an early age, he was off to the races, literally. Growing up under the wing of this father, he became excellent with anything mechanical. Much like Dad, CJ thrives on chaos and enjoys unique challenges in order to prove himself. He’s been Dad’s protege since an early age in criminal activities and is quite capable of being assistant to Greg as Apprentice. However, his Mother infused enough morals in him to never go too far over the edge. Now he’s gone prodigal and uses his dark talents for petty crime whilst chasing a motocross fantasy in the Arizona desert. For a time, CJ and Greg connected deeply through criminal teachings, but CJ took it so seriously that it scared Greg. CJ is a guy who’s never satisfied in life and fills his voids with new challenges and mountains to climb rather than waste time with messy relationships. He’s full of rage for not being as successful as he desires and finding something that truly drives him. Yet, what he’s really lost and lonely for is family. He wants reconciliation and to just fit in somewhere, but is waiting for someone else to take the first step.
Actor Type: Dane Dehaan, Miles Teller
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