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Greg’s Wife, Mother to CJ and Eric. Debbie doesn’t have time for poetry, nor does she speak the language of bullshit. She grew up the only daughter in a household of boys who were all hell-raising trouble-makers. However, she was never allowed to participate in the shenanigans. Her strict Mother would never allow it. Debbie resented her Mother for this and was all the more excited years later to marry the dangerous hotshot pilot Greg Ryan after 3 dates and a plane ride. She was once Bonnie to Greg’s Clyde, but has since become a Christian woman who struggles with her faith over the guilt of her past actions. Now that the family is back into crime, Debbie resents Greg as she feels betrayed. She now begrudgingly cooks the meals for the family and the books for the Ag business, which launders money for Felix Castillo. She doesn’t hold her tongue around Greg or anyone for that fact, and constantly convinces herself she won’t walk out on Greg because she doesn’t believe in divorce. She does believe in God and in the moral consequences of her and Greg’s past sins catching up to them and falling upon their children. Her past guilt drives her to stay in neutral. She wants to take drastic action, but feels powerless and the odd woman out once again in a family of boys. However, Debbie's demons inside her are waiting to be let out. If and when cornered, there’s no lengths she won’t go to protect her family.
Actor Type: Sigourney Weaver, Geena Davis, Diane Lane
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