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Eldest Son of Greg and Debbie, older brother to CJ. Winner of numerous Darwin awards, and still town record holder for oldest guy to ever attend prom. Eric is constantly in search of keeping his high. He’s a true believer in yolo and living life with no regerts. He wisecracks with a devil-may-care attitude.  Eric is the small town guy that everyone knows and likes no matter his faults; yet he’ll always be the guy you’ll still want to keep your distance from professionally. He loves to party, take the joke way too far, and will always mistake cockiness for confidence. Yet underneath that rough exterior, he grounds himself in strong loyalty to his family. He worships his Father after finding out who he really is and wants to be just like him; but maybe with more flair and personality. He becomes Dad’s partner in crime...literally, and very focused and driven when given a concrete task, yet still manages to find the fun in every illegal job they pull off, and is good at it. Quick thinker, fast talker, and total shameless trailer park tornado who eventually finds a way to destroy everything in his path. He lacks perception in his volatile relationship with Vegas, he’s the Sid to Vegas’ Nancy. He highly resents his prodigal brother CJ as the favorite son who abandoned the family. When CJ returns, sibling rivalry is in full swing.
Actor Type: Young Matthew McConaughey, Evan Peters, Shia Labeouf
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